Cuppa with a Scientist

E6 - Cuppa with an Extreme Weather Scientist

November 08, 2021 Loughborough University Season 2 Episode 2
Cuppa with a Scientist
E6 - Cuppa with an Extreme Weather Scientist
Show Notes

Aspiring scientist and host Meg Cox is joined by extreme weather and climate scientist Professor Rob Wilby to discuss a career in environmental science, extreme weather and COP26.

Time Stamps - 
00:00:00 - Welcome
00:01:46  - Introducing Professor Rob Wilby
00:03:48 - What is a Professor of Hydroclimatic Modelling
00:06:21 - Storms and the journey to a career in extreme weather
00:10:48 - Losing a passport in Tajikistan
00:11:57 - Handling rejection and bouncing back as a researcher
00:13:57 - Varied work life and COP26
00:17:50 - Research: from extreme weather events to conservation 
00:26:35 - Climate change and the fear of uncertainty
00:28:12 - Extreme indoor temperatures and taking action 
00:30:05 - Capturing water temperatures and why it's important
00:34:23 - Favourite part of the job and not-so-glamorous bits
00:36:30 - Hanging Polo mints in rivers...
00:38:09 - Battling environmental issues provides great motivation 
00:39:50 - Next career goals and hobbies
00:42:40 - Importance of communicating research for the media and a wider audience
00:44:07 - Hot topics for climate research and words of wisdom for aspiring scientists
00:47:06 - Why should people consider a career in environmental sciences?
00:48:17 - Summing up a career in three words... plus the lights go out! 
00:49:49 - Thanks and goodbye