Cuppa with a Scientist

E5 - Cuppa with a Physiology of Ageing Scientist

September 30, 2021 Loughborough University Season 2 Episode 1
Cuppa with a Scientist
E5 - Cuppa with a Physiology of Ageing Scientist
Show Notes

Aspiring scientist and host Meg Cox is joined by gender and an expert in the physiology of ageing, Professor James Goodwin, to discuss what is good for the brain, how a career in the army helped his scientific work and writing a book...

Time Stamps - 
00:00:00 - Welcome
00:01:08 - Introducing Professor James Goodwin
00:05:13 - What is does an expert in the physiology of ageing do?
00:09:23 - Do you have the answer to eternal youth? (Common misconceptions)
00:10:36 - Career goals growing up and the army
00:15:33 - Becoming a mature student and completing a Masters degree
00:19:38 - Presentations to experts, PhDs and beyond
00:32:53 - Working at Age UK, meeting royalty and research
00:41:02 - Returning to Loughborough University as a visiting professor
00:44:07 - Stand out moments in field work and project outcomes
00:46:42 - Career challenges and learnings
00:52:00 - Ongoing research
00:54:15 - Further research and standout work
00:58:30 - Supercharge your brain... What is good for your brain?
01:05:15 - Next career goals... and most exciting part of the job
01:09:03 - Weirdest parts of the job...
01:13:30 - Next hot topics in the field and words of wisdom
01:18:26 - Thanks and goodbye

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